Kids dance for FREE at Cultivate!!

Young dancer enjoys a kids’ class during Cultivate 2011 | photo by Arthur Fink

Cultivate is for Kids too!  On Saturday, August 11, Cultivate joins forces with the Bethlehem ArtWALK to provide three exciting workshops, for kids and families! Taught by award-winning and nationally recognized teachers, these classes are sure to get your young dancer moving!  For more information, and registration click on the title of each class. 


9:00-10:30am Angie Muzzy & Jessica Howard |Shake and Shout!  (Bethlehem Town Hall)

This modern based class embraces fun, athletic movement phrases for any student who has lots of energy to burn.  Participants will move safely in and out of the floor, upside down, right side up in an assortment of ways. They will also learn various improv structures to create their own collaborative dance at the end of the class with their peers and teacher(s). (ages 8-teens)

11:00-12:30pm Ashley Hensel-Browning | Making Dances: Family Style (Bethlehem Town Hall)

This workshop encourages families to play, move, and create together with the intention of exploring the physical space and their relationships with each other to make movement phrases. We will use improvisation and choreography structures that encourage full-body movement, curiosity, and play to build dances to share with each other. We will begin by exploring the space we are dancing in (preferably outside if weather allows, however, an inside space can be great as well) through observation, movement play, and sharing stories/memories. Gradually we will move into guided dance-building with the intention of sharing our work with each other, celebrating the space and people we are dancing with. Workshop is open to all families and ages.

2:00-3:30 Kai Kleinbard | Robot Invasion!  (Bethlehem Town Hall)

From C3PO to Tick-Tock, to Data, to Wall-E, robots come in all shapes and sizes. In the late 1970’s a dance form, called “popping” emerged on the West Coast as a way to imitate robots to rhythmic beats. By embodying robots, students will use their imaginations to create their own unique robots-inspired movements and characters. Freedom of expression and improvisation will be encouraged, as Kai leads students through a world of transformation. (ages 5 and up)


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