Extending the Dance Map in Northern New England:
Dance as a Vehicle for Inclusion in Education
Thursday, August 15 | 8:00am-4:30pm

Lida Winfield, dance artist and educator

Lida Winfield dance artist and educator

A daylong dance and education conference, presented in partnership with the Arts Alliance of Northern New HampshireEvery.Body.Dances is a gathering for teachers, dancers, parents, and school and arts administrators interested in integrating dance and movement into education in Northern New England. This year’s conference focuses on using dance and movement as vehicles for inclusion in all kinds of educational settings.

Every.Body.Dances will explore practical strategies for using dance and movement to engage and support all learners in school, afterschool and community settings. Through hands-on workshops, panel and group discussion, peer learning and sharing and informal networking, participants will have the opportunity to experience movement as a powerful tool for bridging differences of all kinds — in learning style, age, culture or belief. Participants will leave the conference with resources to use with movers of all ages and abilities, in the classroom or studio, or in family settings.

Presenters include: Lida WinfieldKelly Doremus Stuart, Marcia McCaffrey  and Theo Martey.

Cost: $30 (includes lunch). $20 for Arts Alliance members and students. Partial scholarships are available. For more information, visit www.aannh.org.

A full schedule and details about the presenters and their workshops will be posted next week.


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