Support Cultivate!

Cultivate needs your help!

kickstarter collage2013

Cultivate is more than just a dance festival… It’s a celebration of community!  And we need YOUR help to bring it to life!  Kickstarter is a groovy crowd source fundraising platform that allows folks to make amazing projects, with the support of many backers each making modest donations.

Last year, over 200 backers raised $7000 in just over a week, with an average pledge of $35.  Incredible!  How does Kickstarter work, you ask?  It couldn’t be simpler!

  • Check out the nifty rewards you get for becoming a backer!  (tickets to a show, custom made art, dances made just for you!)
  • Choose which level of support best suits you!
  • Make a pledge using a credit card over the super secure website.  (No one gets charged until we meet our goal.)
  • Enjoy the great feeling of knowing you are helping bring something very cool to life!

On behalf of all of the Artists of Cultivate 2013, thank you for your support!


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