Today!! Farmer’s Market Fun and FREE Dance Class for Kids!

Wondering what to do on Saturday, August 20?  Looking for a fun, family friendly and free event? Come down to Bethlehem for the Local Works Farmer’s Market for a day of fresh food, live dance performances, live music, and fun!

Paul Benny and Selene Colburn lead you on a unique walking tour of Bethlehem:

Idiot Docents: An Unabridged and Partial History of the Comings and Goings of Bethlehem, N.H.
Join the Idiot Docent team of Selene Colburn and Paul Benney as they stumble, trip and fall over the known, and not-so-known history of Bethlehem. The walking tour will take you through field and stream, into the respiratory tract of the National Hay Fever Relief Association, and past the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, to show you how this town became a thriving center for health and wellbeing. Be prepared to walk, listen, roll, jump, close your eyes and dream.


Paul Benney:  Kid’s Class! Leap, Tumble, and Roll
A fun and instructive workshop for dancers and non-dancers ages 8-12.   The class will begin with a vigorous and easy-to-follow warm-up, and then move across the floor with a combination of tumbling, animal locomotion, and partnering. At the end of the class we will put on music and have a good old-fashioned dance party!! All kids are welcome- dancers, athletes, gymnasts, martial artists…anyone with a body!!
class:    Kid’s Class! Leap, Tumble, and Roll!
time:    Saturday, 2-4pm
place: Creative Edge Dance Studio
cost:    $15 FREE!!
for:     Kids, ages 8-12.  No dance experience needed!
more:    visit Cultivate on Eventbrite to reserve your spot!


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