** UPDATED** sneak peek at the artist line up for Cultivate!


August 19-21, 2011. Bethlehem, NH comes alive with dance!

Award-winning dance artists and musicians from the region and beyond NH, ME, VT, MA, NY, PA, IN, IA, WV, AZ and beyond gather in Bethlehem for a weekend of workshops, performances, discussions and social events.  Cultivate aims to nourish the community for contemporary dance and performance in the North Country.

A glimpse of some of the artists who will be showing new works/ offering workshops at Cultivate:

Analia Alegre-Femenias (Iowa/ Puerto Rico)
Katherine Keifer Stark (Philadelphia, PA)
Selene Colburn (Burlington, VT)
Paul Benney (Burlington, VT)
Pamela Vail (Lancaster, PA
Katherine Ferrier (Littleton, NH)
Vicki Brown (Tucson, AZ)
Amy Barr (Iowa City, IA)
Kathy Couch (Northampton, MA)
Rebecca Bryant (West Lafayette, IN)
Don Nichols (West Lafayette, IN)
Olase Freeman (Providence, RI)
Kathryn McNamara (Providence, RI)
Sara Smith (Amherst, MA)
Sarah Baumert (Boston, MA)
Kitty Clark (West Virginia)
Amanda Hamp (Decorah, IA)
Tori Lawrence (Philadelphia, PA)
Emily Anderson (North Conway, NH)
Arthur Fink (Portland, ME)


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