glimpses of Cultivate!

a collection of images by Arthur Fink

Medieval Latin cultvre, cultvt-, from cultvus, tilled, from Latin cultus, past participle of colere, to till; see kwel-1 in Indo-European roots

  1. To improve and prepare (land), as by plowing or fertilizing, for raising crops; till.
  2. To loosen or dig soil around (growing plants).
  3. To grow or tend (a plant or crop).
  4. To promote the growth of (a culture).
  5. To nurture; foster.
  6. To form and refine, as by education.
  7. To seek the acquaintance or goodwill of; make friends with.

Cultivate was a tremendous success, fulfilling its mission to grow the community for contemporary dance in the North Country!  From the opening night concert at SOCIAL 2055 by Vicki Brown, to the sold out house at the White Mountain School on the 14th, audiences and artists alike were enlivened and energized by the convergence of dancers, art-makers and concert-goers on the tiny town of Bethlehem, NH.  Above are just a few glimpses of the day as seen through the intuitive lens of Arthur Fink.

Stay tuned here for the announcement of the next Cultivate,already in the works!  Consider becoming a fan of Cultivate on Facebook, bookmarking this page or subscribing to Cultivate‘s website so you’ll be the first to know when there’s exciting news.

(Many thanks to the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire for its generous support of Cultivate!)


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