Still from the dance film "since you went" by San Francisco artists RAWdance.  (Photo: Ben Estabrook)

Still from the dance film “since you went” by San Francisco artists RAWdance.
(Photo: Ben Estabrook)

Announcing HORIZON: Bethlehem’s second annual Screendance Festival at the Colonial Theatre!  Co-curated by Katherine Ferrier and Tori Lawrence, Horizon presents the work of a dozen independent young filmmakers working with movement for the camera in innovative and poetic ways.

HORIZON is dedicated to developing the vibrant art of dance on film — expanding the familiar ways of how we imagine and experience dance.  We embrace both emergent and established filmmakers whose works engage in stretching the boundaries of what dance on film can be.  The films chosen expand the known parameters of composition and structure by exploring dance in ways that are beyond what can be presented on stage.

Join us at the Colonial for an evening of dance like you’ve never seen it before!

Wednesay, August 13 | 7:30 pm | Colonial Theatre
tickets: 2/$10. 

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“milkdreams” by Alexandra Beller/Dances 
“Drawing Blank” by Stefan Verna
“Thick Skinned” by Carly Berrett 
“Rosemont Ours” by NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre 
“Something for Myself” by Body Cartography 
“Variation on residue” by Sharon Mansur 
“That Dizzying Crest” by Pamela Vail and Jeremy Moss 
“Rossmere” by Tori Lawrence + Co.
“Pedestrian Crossing” by Detour Dance 
“since you went” by RAWdance