Anneke Hansen

Anneke Hansen  photos by Baille Younkman

Anneke Hansen
photos by Baille Younkman

Anneke Hansen, acclaimed dancemaker from NYC joins the Cultivate crew this year, performing a solo and teaching a dance workshop as part of the festival.

heaven is a four-letter word is a solo choreographed and performed by Hansen. It is an act of memory as much as imagination, an effort in the ever-vanishing now to locate the seams that keep past and future distinct. This solo features multiple performers, simultaneously…. Some might consider it a duet. Or maybe it’s really a trio or even an octet. Perhaps this dance is just performed by a multitude, most of whom can’t be seen. Come see for yourself when Hansen performs the work at
Harvest: Works by the Artists of Cultivate, Saturday, August 16 at 7:30pm.

Dance as a Superpower
Friday, August 15, 11:30am – 1pm | Town Hall, Bethlehem

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This class investigates ideas of technique, anatomical function, and creative decision making, and aims to create the conditions for each of us to dance more fully, with a greater awareness of our structure and its unique possibilities, and to give students the tools to make informed, thoughtful decisions both technically and performatively. It will provide an opportunity for the dancer to venture toward her known limits and consider her expansive capacity. How much can you ask of yourself as an artist and performer?

We will begin with a thorough warm-up, mobilizing and stabilizing the joints, focusing on coordination and integration of limbs and trunk with an emphasis on moving through space. We’ll sweat, play seriously, be messy, laugh hard, get excited.

Class will include practices designed to challenge both intellect and physicality. We will use these practices to focus on cultivating precise strength/flexibility/agility of our whole selves as a means of developing physical power, performative nuance, and honing problem solving skills. We will seek to create a broad understanding of the concept of power and to get intimate with the dance material at hand, digging deeply into a piece of movement in order to transform both the material and yourself.

annekehansenAnneke Hansen has been creating dance works in New York City since 2002. Her company’s presentations have included intimate salon-style events, performance investigations that invite the audience into the studio, site-specific affairs, and more traditional theatrical showings.

Anneke Hansen Dance has been presented in NYC at The Chocolate Factory Theater, and as part of the La Mama Moves! Festival, Draftworks at Danspace Project, Movement Research at Judson Church, Dance Conversations @ The Flea, and at University Settlement. In 2010 and 2011 Hansen was international guest artist-in-residence at Dance House in Dublin, Ireland and her company has also enjoyed creative residencies at Rockbridge Arts Exchange in Virginia, and Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, VT. Nationally, Hansen’s work has been twice featured at The Big Range Dance Festival in Houston, TX and at Rockbridge Arts Exchange in Virginia. Her site-specific work has been performed in NYC parks and abroad in Washington D.C. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company has received funding from LMCC’s Manhattan Community Arts Fund and NYFA’s BUILD grant.

AHD’s work is concerned with dancing and dancers and strives to create meaning through evocative, sensuous, and sophisticated movement.  The studio process whereby the company’s work is developed is truly at the heart of Anneke’s aesthetic.  Questions of what the body and mind are capable of, in terms of coordination, texture, and timing, are central to the studio explorations that serve as the source for performance works.

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